Sound Check

Have you ever listened to yourself speak through a recording?  A few of my colleagues and I were discussing how strange it is to hear one’s own voice when it is played back.  I compared my own oddly pitched voice to that of a child.

I noted how in recordings my New York, or should I say, Yonkers, accent is highly noticeable.  For those of you trying to picture just what that would sound like, imagine a child saying the phrase made famous by the character Joey on the sitcom “Friends,” “How you doin’?”

The idea of how one sounds—to themselves and others—seems to be the theme for today.  Each Thursday, on the Catholic New York website, a column discussing the upcoming Sunday readings is made available.  This week’s column starts with a discussion of two amazing nurses who sound like “hillbillies.”

I had to laugh, particularly because of the conversation with my co-workers. One of the messages that I took away from the column is the idea that it is hard to judge a person by how they may sound, or how they dress, or where they live, for that matter.  It also made me feel just a little bit proud of my own local dialect.

Have there been instances when you first misjudged someone, only to be surprised at how off your judgment had been?  Please share your thoughts on this subject!

Also, if you would like to read the column I am referring to, check out the Our Faith page on the Catholic New York website (


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