A Different Kind of Vacation

The past few weeks, most of my friends and family members have been either just returning, or about to go, on their summer vacations.  Destinations include weeks at the Jersey Shore, road trips across the states, and other places. Quite a few are taking “staycations” with daylong adventures near their homes.

Last week, I myself took a few days off of work that I jokingly referred to as my “mental health vacation.” For those few days, I did not do any work of any kind—no housework, no chores, not even hobbies that required too much thinking or effort. In a way, I needed to mentally shut down in order to get my thoughts back in proper order.

For a brief moment, I fell into a guilt-stricken moment, and checked my work email.  I had to chuckle as I quickly went down the subject lines of the messages sent to me because one was simply titled “Relax.” The email was from a Catholic priest and blogger who that week was discussing how even God took a day off to relax.

Even if you can’t go anywhere this summer, I highly suggest taking a few days to do just that.


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