A Simple Touch

I was at the doctor’s office the other day waiting for my name to be called.  The waiting room was already full when I arrived, so I knew that it would be quite a while before it would be my turn.  I sat myself in a seat in the corner, and pulled out a book I had brought to read in just this sort of situation. 

After reading two chapters, I began to feel a bit restless, and looked around the waiting room.  On the other side of the room sat an elderly woman in a wheelchair and her uniformed nurse’s aide.  The woman was there when I arrived, so I knew that she had been waiting for a long period of time. I could also see that she was getting visibly upset.  The aide, seeing that the woman was beginning to cry, gently grabbed her hand in hers in an effort to comfort her. 

It was just a simple thing – a touch of the hand – but it had a significant impact on the woman.  You could see her face immediately begin to relax as the tears stopped falling.  It was as if the touch pulled her out of her sadness and frustration and showed her she was not alone. 

It was really a beautiful moment.   It made me realize how we all have moments every day to be on either side of that type of human connection – as the one needing a little bit of comfort, and as the person showing compassion. 

Have you been in a situation where you witnessed a random act of kindness or comfort in everyday life?  Please share.


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