More Than a ‘One-Hit’ Wonder

Although journalists are known for their unbiased nature, there is a clear divide in the office when it comes to which New York baseball team people here in the office root for. There are the Mets fans, and the Yankees fans.  And then there’s me—who would have a hard time naming more than one player on each team, and who couldn’t even say when the season starts and ends.

However, that may all change.  Last week, a colleague of mine lent me a copy of the biography of Mets knuckleball pitcher R.A. Dickey.  He’s been in the news recently for having two games with only “one hitter.” While sports biographies are generally not on my list of “must read” books, I wanted to read this particular one because of all the obstacles that Dickey had to overcome in his career and in his life, to get to where he is now.

I couldn’t put the book down once I started it—I find that books such as this one can be a great source of inspiration and strength.  Early in the book, when he feels as if his career is not going as planned, he writes, “I want to believe that God has better things in store for me, and that this is not how my baseball life will end. I want to hold on to hope.” 

Are there any books or movies you have seen recently that also highlight a message of hope?  Please share! 


One thought on “More Than a ‘One-Hit’ Wonder”

  1. R.A. Dickey’s story is truly inspirational, and not just because of the obstacles he has overcome, but because of the kind of person he has turned out to be. Let’s Go Mets!


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