Reading and Reflecting

In the latest issue of Catholic New York newspaper a former colleague and friend who currently writes on a freelance basis had an amazingly beautiful article on a priest who cares for his disabled brother.

The Yonkers priest in the article referred to taking care of his brother a joy and said, “This is something that I want, even though it might be a little difficult.”  It’s the type of article that stirs up your own emotions and feelings.  The amazing life of the priest and his perspective on life really shine through.  I think in some way or another, each one of us can relate to the article. 

The article made me think of how many blessings we each receive, and how sometimes those blessings can be first thought of as burdens or difficulties.  Perhaps you are a new parent taking care of a child, or maybe you have to take care of an elderly parent; or assist a sick relative—all of these things have some level of personal sacrifice, and also an opportunity for great love.

After reading the article, I thought of how blessed I have been in my own life to have the privilege of taking care of my father after he became physically disabled due to illness.  Sure, there were times when I thought it was unfair that I had to drive him to another of his countless doctor appointments and physical therapy, or to have to help him do even small tasks such as button his clothes and get in and out of his wheelchair.  But now, as I look back, I realize how priceless those experiences were. 

I highly recommend the article, which you can read here:,7492


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