Connecting to a Character

If you’ve read the papers this morning, you’ve probably seen that the movie ‘The Avengers’ broke all the records for an opening weekend.  My husband and I, and a few of our friends, were among those who were in the theaters to watch. One of the things that I love about most of the movies based on comic book story lines is the complexity of the characters.

One of the characters that I particularly liked from the film is Iron Man, played by Robert Downey, Jr. At first, I couldn’t quite understand why this character made such an impression on me.  Then it dawned on me—his story is one of redemption.  The background of Iron Man is this—he’s a wealthy genius who after a tragic incident changes his life from making weapons of mass destruction to trying to save the world.  It’s the type of story that I think most people can relate to because it touches on the theme of transformation, which is such a universal human experience. 

I’m not trying to read too much into the film—it is meant to be lighthearted and full of action.  But, I think whenever you leave the theater thinking about what you saw a day or two later and see something new each time, it’s a sure sign of a good movie.

Have you ever connected with a character from a movie or book unexpectedly? Or left a movie thinking about the bigger picture in life?  Please share! 


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