Five Years And Counting

This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. We marked the milestone with a joyful outing to a major league soccer game, followed by a lively fireworks show.  Those events were a nice way to spend time but what really made it feel like an anniversary weekend was receiving a special blessing at Sunday Mass.

Of course the game and the fireworks show were fun, and since the weekend was so beautiful it was lovely to be outdoors and as any couple can attest, doing activities together is important. But those were all things that we could have done on any ordinary weekend. The fact that we were able to receive a blessing at the end of Mass in the same church where we were married was, to us, extraordinary.

Over the years, my husband and I have worked on our relationship together, and, equally as important, on our faith lives privately and as a couple. It’s quite easy for obstacles to get in the way of keeping God central to our marriage, and sometimes things that should be simple, such as attending Sunday Mass together, can be a challenge. But like all good things, the effort makes the reward that much sweeter.

How do you keep God central to your relationships with others – family, friends or your spouse? Please share!


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