Weaved Together

Sometimes it is amazing how things just fall into place. Yesterday, while I was at an assignment at a Catholic elementary school in Mount Vernon, I introduced myself as a reporter for Catholic New York to a young man who was assisting at the event.

His first question to me was something along the lines of, “Are you the one who put my photo on the front page of the last issue of the paper?”  As soon as he said that, I recognized his face. It turns out that he was the sponsor for a young man who will be entering the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. I couldn’t believe the connection.  When the photo was selected for the paper, we did not know the name of the young man, and yet, here he was, just a week or so later, standing before me.

The young man, who’s name is Francesco and is a parishioner at a parish in the Bronx, told me of how much the photo meant to him and the man he is sponsoring. Francesco continued to tell me an amazing story. The man Francesco is sponsoring is entering the Catholic Church with his mother and brother. He said upon seeing the photo, “I knew in my heart Christ planted me there, more for him, to help him and his family know it is Christ who had called him and his family to receive the sacraments.”

It was a beautiful story, and I was glad that Francesco shared it with me.

If you’d like to see the photo and read the story, you can view it on cny.org. Here is the link:




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