Friends to Show ‘The Way’

This weekend, I decided to treat myself to a little gift, and went out to purchase the movie “The Way.” The film stars Martin Sheen who travels the sacred pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostella.

When I particularly enjoy a movie, I have a tendency to watch it over and over. This was the case with “The Way.”  I figured it was a good movie to watch during this season of Lent, and so didn’t feel too guilty when I put it on for the third time.  And I’m glad that I did because during that third viewing I picked up something that I had previously missed.

Before Martin Sheen’s character really even starts the pilgrimage trail, he starts walking in the wrong direction – literally.  The first time, he turns the wrong way as soon as he steps out of his hotel and only turns the right way after seeing a group of pilgrims walking in the other direction. The second time, only a few moments into his journey, he is told by a French officer, “This is the way.”

I find that in my own life, it is all too easy for me to get lost during times of darkness and suffering. Perhaps you feel the same way, particularly during Lent when we are called to reflect on suffering and make extra sacrifices in our own lives. That is when it is most important to have friends and family there to get you back on track—whether their help is encouraging you with a few kind words, or helping you hide those treats you’ve given up for Lent.

Have you seen “The Way?”  What were your impressions?


One thought on “Friends to Show ‘The Way’”

  1. I thought it was an excellent, inspirational movie when I saw it and wondered why it wasn’t at least nominated for an Academy Award. Martin Sheen for best actor would come to mind.


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