Welcome Home, Cardinal Dolan

Yesterday, Cardinal Dolan celebrated Mass for those of us who work at the Catholic Center in Manhattan.  Afterwards, there was a gathering in the cafeteria where we could congratulate the cardinal and share a few words with him and all of our co-workers. 

After working so hard on Catholic New York’s special issue celebrating the naming of Cardinal Dolan, it was nice to spend personal time with him.  When my co-workers and I went up to the cardinal, I couldn’t resist the chance to ask him a question that has been on my mind since seeing photos of him at the consistory.  If you watched clips of the ceremony on the news and in the papers (check out CNY.org for our complete coverage of the event) you may have seen the cardinal carrying a scroll-like tube.  I asked him, “What was in that tube thing that the pope gave you?”  Impressively, and without even a second’s hesitation, the cardinal knew exactly what I referring to, and explained that it was the official proclamation naming him a cardinal to which I couldn’t help but respond, “I thought maybe it was a secret message from the pope!” 

I just wanted to share that story with all of you.  I feel like that one small encounter portrays one of the reasons that I am glad that we have Cardinal Dolan as our archbishop—his friendly, down-to-earth and man-of-the-people persona is true. 

Congratulations to our very own archbishop!  Have you met Cardinal Dolan?   If you’d like to share your stories of the cardinal, feel free to do so here!


One thought on “Welcome Home, Cardinal Dolan”

  1. Congratulations to Cardinal Dolan!!! He definitely deserves it as he was a fantastic Archbishop with his easygoing, friendly, and lively character 🙂


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