Lessons from a Life Well Lived

Working on the staff of a small newspaper means that everyone shares the melancholy task of writing obituaries. This week, I was assigned to write one about a priest from the Bronx – a priest that I had never met, but after writing about his life, feel that I learned a valuable lesson from.

 As part of my research, I called up the parish where the priest last served and spoke to the pastor there, who said something that really struck me about the life of this man.  He told me that his friend had died after suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  He told me that throughout all of his trials, this wonderful priest never complained but accepted his illness, and lived his life happily.  It made me think about how much I complain in my own life about minor issues, and how instead, I should accept all the crosses in my life with dignity and happiness as well. 

 I couldn’t help but be moved.  It is so easy to complain about all of our everyday hardships in life – health issues, work issues, family and relationship issues.  One of my dear friends once told me that instead of complaining about all of our sufferings, we should offer them up to God.  It’s something that I have to try a little harder to do. 

 What about you? Do you have any strategies for accepting hardships in your life with faith and joy?  Please share! 


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