Weathering the Weather

Usually, when I am at work, I can look out the window towards a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline.  Today, however, because of the rainy weather and gray skies, there was not much to look at outside.

Thankfully, I have a beautiful bonsai tree on my desk.  As I took a momentary break from staring at my computer screen and stared at the little tree before me, I realized that some of the branches and leaves that I had pruned a while back because they were dead were growing new leaves.  It made me think about my own life, and how there are certain “dead” things, such as negative thoughts and behaviors, that I have to cut off in order for my own spiritual life to flourish and grow.  For instance, on dark and dreary days, it is quite easy for my mood to turn to one that is sad and melancholy as well.

Are there things that you need to change in your life, in order for your life – spiritual, mental or otherwise, to grow in a more positive direction?  How do you find the strength to do that?  Please share!


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