Special Remembrances

Sometimes the memories of loved ones who have gone before us come flooding back. Perhaps a particular image, or place, or anniversary date prompts the recollections. For me, today was one of those days – my father’s birthday.


It wasn’t until I was reading an article online that I realized the significance of today’s date.  Once I did, however, all the good thoughts and memories of my dad swirled through my mind. As usual on this date, I felt a few tears building and went to grab a tissue from the pack on my desk.  When I looked down at the tissue package, I saw the image of a snowman smiling up at me, his hands waving.  Christmas always reminds me of my father, and in particular, the smiling faces of snowmen, which were his favorite. I knew in that instant that my father was looking down on me from heaven.


Even though the details of heaven are unknown, I like to imagine it in my mind based on a particular quote from Jesus: “In my Father’s house are many dwelling places.” Perhaps because of my Italian background, I like to think that place includes a large table for all of our loved ones. I can just imagine the birthday celebrations going on!  


Are there any images or places that remind you of your loved ones?  Please feel free to share. 


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