‘Super’ Resolutions

During this first week of the new year, it is hard to avoid the explosion of commercials, articles and headlines regarding resolutions. This morning, however, one of my friends posted a link on my Facebook wall with an idea for a resolution that I just had to share.

The resolution was one that asked for people to act as superheroes for the day. Unfortunately, the article didn’t ask for people to dress up in costume and fight crime – that could be a bit much for ordinary life.  But it did ask for people to put the needs of others first, and to only ask those around you for help if you truly need it.

I thought the idea was a great one.  The concept is to put others first and focus less on yourself.  In a way, it is contradictory to many other types of resolutions hyped up during this time of the year.  It is one that I am fully behind.

What do you think of this type of resolution?  Please share your thoughts here!


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