Happy Thanksgiving

If you’re like me, the dreary weather the past few days may put a damper on your spirits.  But with Thanksgiving tomorrow, there are many things to look forward to and be thankful for – including good food, and spending time with family and friends.  

Sure, Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, but with the day’s emphasis on traditions and family gatherings, it’s hard not to turn to a feeling of praise to God for everything we have in our lives.  Growing up, I remember how our family would start the marathon of eating with a first course of lasagna, followed by a short break before the turkey was brought out.  It was something that made our day unique.  Now, as I celebrate the holiday with my husband’s family, I see all the different ways that they make the holiday their own.  That’s what I love most about all holidays – the memories of days gone by, and the new ones that have yet to be made.  

Is there something that your family does on Thanksgiving that is unique and special to you?  Please share here!  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. We have a tradition of going around the table before grace and each person as to say one thing they are especially grateful for this year. It is a wonderful way to get everyone talking, sharing and reflecting on all our blessings…and you can’t say “That’s what I was going to say.”


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