Happy Halloween!

Growing up, Halloween was always an important occasion.  Days, and in certain instances, weeks before the holiday, each member of my family would begin working on their costume.  Mostly, this was a handmade endeavor. Emphasis was placed on the most original idea, and anything you could find in the house to use for your costume was fair game.

Today, I still enjoy dressing up for Halloween.  As I write this, I am at my desk at work wearing my version of a detective costume – black dress pants, a white button-down shirt, suspenders, a fake badge and Miami-vice inspired sunglasses.  Although there are elements associated with Halloween that I don’t like, such as horror movies and mischievous pranks, the creativity and family-oriented fun make today one that I always look forward to.

And how can I forget the candy!  I love that today there are people all over the world who are opening up their doors to families, friends and strangers alike, to give out candy and other treats. For me, that’s a pretty sweet (pun intended) lesson in giving.

How does your family celebrate Halloween?  Do you have any memories of any favorite costumes or moments that you would like to share?

Have a happy, and safe, Halloween!


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