Couch Compromises

Before I was married, I heard from quite a few people that I would have to learn how to compromise. Mostly, I laughed off the advice.  This week, however, as my husband and I were sitting in our one-bedroom watching our one television, the concept of compromise was one that we couldn’t avoid.

With one television, we both have to sit and endure television programs that we would otherwise never think of turning on.  My husband, for instance, has suffered through countless romantic comedies and sitcoms over the years. I, on the other hand, have seen enough documentaries on how things are made, law enforcement-based dramas, and history shows for a lifetime. But, I have to admit that there have been many times when it has been my husband’s turn to choose what we watch that I have seen things that I am happy to have been exposed to.

That happened this past week when we watched “Blue Bloods,” a drama based on a family of cops in New York. I was surprised at the subtle yet compelling way in which Catholicism and faith were represented in the show.  The show is not a religious show, however, there is no arguing that the fictional characters are in large ways formed by their faith.  Randomly coming across Catholicism in a television show like this reminded me that our faith is all around us, even in places where you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to find it.

Have you had an experience like this in which you were watching a television show, movie or reading a book and were surprised by a faith-element you found there?  Please share!


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