Meeting with Missionaries

Earlier this week, I attended a presentation given by chastity education speakers at a high school in the Bronx. The speakers are all young adult volunteers who for the next year will be bringing the message of human dignity and chastity to schools and parish groups all throughout the archdiocese.

Afterward, I was talking with one of the missionaries, who made a remark that I just had to share.  In discussing human dignity and the choice of chastity, she said something along the lines of: young people think that Katy Perry (the singer) knows all there is to know about sex, but really God, the creator, knows the real purpose and sacredness of it.

Even now, thinking of those words, I have to smile. The way that the missionary took a figure from popular culture, and looked at the messages portrayed by the media, and then examined it through the lens of faith made such an impact on me (and I hope it will on those who hear the missionaries as well)!

Have you ever had an experience in which someone said something that shaped how you view a particular faith issue?  Please share!


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