Adding Faith to the Fall Lineup

I love the fall.  Perhaps my reasons for liking the season are not the most poetic.  I’d like to say that my love for the season has to do with the cooling weather, or the beautiful changes in the foliage colors that is part of the wonders of autumn. But mostly, it’s because I can’t wait to figure out which television shows I will be watching in the new fall lineup.

This week, as I sat on my couch, setting up my DVR to tape the shows that I enjoy watching (the new season of The Office, anyone?), my eyes drifted from the television screen down to a copy of the YouCat book sitting on my coffee table.  Seeing it there made me consider how I could add faith to my fall lineup, as well. Recently, Archbishop Dolan wrote a blog post (you can read it here: on “external markers of the faith,” which included practices like praying novenas, frequent confession and celebrating holy days and feast days, to name a few.

I realized that the fall is a perfect time for us to bring over that spirit of renewal and excitement into our faith life.  My DVR may be full of new shows to watch, but I am also hoping to fill up my prayer life with a few new “can’t miss” things as well.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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