World Youth Day, All the Way!

On the way out to a catechesis session with Archbishop Dolan this morning, I passed a few Spanish papers in the hotel lobby.  Not surprisingly, they all had photos from
last night’s welcoming ceremony with Pope Benedict XVI.

I have included a photo below of the papers to give those back home a bit of a feel for the excitement that is building up here.  My favorite photo is the one of the pope in
the traditional-style Spanish hat that was given to him as a gift.

I think that perhaps that is one element that does not always come across in the media…from what I can see, and what I clearly get from the feel of the crowd, the pope loves the young, and they love him, too.  It’s good to experience events like this to see that being a Catholic is a joyful thing!

Right now, I’m heading out to try to find a spot in the crowd in one of the plazas for the Stations of the Cross.  Check back later for more news and updates from Madrid!


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