Where’s Jesus?

Today, while reading an article about World Youth Day, I nearly had to laugh out loud when a particular line discussing the large crowds who will be present at the event sparked in my mind a picture of the children’s hide and seek book, “Where’s Waldo.” I knew immediately that I’d have to share it with you, not for the image that came to my mind but because of how it made me hope that during my time at World Youth Day, that I am able to find Jesus among the crowds.

What I read was a quote by priest on a pontifical council in Rome, Msgr. Miguel Delgado Galindo, who was trying to explain that World Youth Day is not a “Catholic Woodstock.” He was quoted as saying, “Although it is an event which involves crowds, every single young person who participates remains profoundly moved.” He said, “WYD–if lived as a possibility to encounter Christ–can transform the lives of those who take part.”

That sentiment is such a beautiful one!  As I have been preparing for World Youth Day, and speaking with officials and other pilgrims who will be attending, I have often focused my thoughts and attention on the large crowds who will be present at each of the events.  This quote reminded me that each and every person (God-willing!) will have a personal encounter with Jesus. Perhaps it will be found in something Pope Benedict XVI or a priest says, or an exhibit, or a line from a song from one of the many concerts. Or even a conversation shared with another pilgrim. In any event, the article reminded me that even in such a “big-picture” event, sometimes it’s the little details that will matter most.

You can read the rest of the article here:


Additional reading: One of my colleagues recently wrote an article on the need for people to have personal encounters with Christ, which you can read here:



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