Packing for a Pilgrimage

Last night I attended the monthly Mass held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for young professionals who are in their 20s and 30s. The Mass was celebrated for those who will be traveling to World Youth Day in Madrid.

One of the great blessings of working as a reporter at a Catholic newspaper is that oftentimes my life and my work are intertwined. Last night, the Mass was one of those times.  As I sat there in one of the pews, and later, as I was interviewing people who will be traveling to WYD, it occurred to me that we were spiritually packing up our souls for the pilgrimage. (Check out the next issue of Catholic New York July 14 for the article on the Mass.)

As I was talking with people about the reasons for why they decided to travel to World Youth Day, one thing kept coming up again and again—a desire to share, and become renewed, in faith. As someone who has not attended a World Youth Day before, I am not sure what to expect. However, I am excited to be around so many young people who are hungry for the faith.

Have you ever attended World Youth Day, or have you gone on a pilgrimage of your own?  How did it affect your faith?  Please share!


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