Lost and Found

Growing up, I can clearly recall my older relatives praying to St. Anthony, patron of lost things, in a sing-song voice with the words “St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around. Something is lost and cannot be found.” Monday was the feast of this beloved and popular saint, and as I’ve been thinking of him, those words have been circulating in my head.

I’ve often prayed those same words from situations that range from searching for my lost keys or misplaced items, to more serious scenarios including when I feel as if I’m losing metaphysical-type things like faith, hope or resolve.  I have to say, St. Anthony is a reliable saint and one that has not yet let me down.

The memories of my family members praying to St. Anthony is just another of the many blessings of being Catholic.  Having those memories of my mother and my aunts, for example, praying to the saints like St. Anthony over the years is a comforting one.  In a way, it turns the saints into distant family members that one can call on in times of trouble and distress, and celebration and joy.

Do you have any memories of your family’s special devotions or prayers?  Please share!


One thought on “Lost and Found”

  1. St Jude, the saint of hopeless causes, has always been a source of strength during times of feeling hopeless and mental stress.


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