Catholic Comic Book Heroes

As a teenager, one of my favorite places to spend some time was the comic bookstore.  I loved going through the racks of comics, examining the covers, and keeping up with the fictional lives of all of the superheroes. It’s been a while since I’ve been in such a store.  However, with the news that there is a series of comics featuring Catholic figures and biblical stories on the market, I may have to make a special trip.

Manga Hero is a publisher of Catholic comic books.  Their name is floating around right now in the news because a special comic will be distributed at World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain, featuring Pope Benedict.  The comic book series uses a particular style for comics – manga – which is a Japanese genre. The comic book series currently has two out already, one featuring St. Paul and one featuring the Biblical figure Judith.

I have to admit, I’m pretty excited to get a copy of one these.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


One thought on “Catholic Comic Book Heroes”

  1. j,
    Marvel Comics has a Catholic superhero, Daredevil, he’s a blind defense attorney in New York. Ben Affleck did a great job portraying the character in the movie. Daredevil’s character is an interesting juxtaposition against right and wrong, he’s a guilt-ridden vigilante who fights for good and, oddly wearing a devil costume, is over-enth


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