Another Week Begins

The prediction by religious preacher Harold Camping that the beginning of the end of the world would take place this past Saturday, evidently, was incorrect.  The world did not end.  There was no rapture, and after a lot of buzz and discussions about what the end of the world would look like, life has continued to go on as usual.

While there may be quite a bit of joking about Camping and his predictions yesterday, and even today, I think there was a lesson to be learned by him and his group.  When they thought the end was coming, they prepared themselves and made sure that everything was in order.  They looked forward to a new beginning. How many of us could say the same?  On an even smaller, and less apocalyptic scale, how many of us could say that at the end of a day?

I’m thinking in particular of all the things that are put off each day.  I have a list that’s probably a mile long with items that I’d like to accomplish “if only I had more time,” or “if only I had more energy.” On Saturday, I heard from a lot of friends who, perhaps semi-seriously, told how they were spending their day “just in case it was the last.” It seemed to me that a lot of people were doing things that they wanted to do, and may not have taken the time to do otherwise.

Maybe May 21 didn’t mark the end…but perhaps it could mark a new beginning.


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