Drop by Drop

Are you ready for a dreary week?  The weather forecast for the next few days in the New York area is a gloomy one with lots of rain expected.  I’m also anticipating that along with the rain that is destined to fall, moods will as well.

I can already feel the negativity accumulating like drops in a puddle.  It’s a Monday morning, drip.  The work day looks like it will be a long one, drop. And my commute was lengthened since my carpool partner (my husband) is away on business, drip, drip drip.  It’s so easy to let yourself become absorbed in the kind of downward cycle that can wreak havoc on your spirit.  From my own personal experience, I’ve found that this kind of negative thinking is hard to control, but it can be done with a lot of hard work and a little help.

As I was thinking of how to break out of my own negative thought patterns, a metaphor for it all popped into my head. Today, as I prepared to go out into the rain, I put on my raincoat, picked up my umbrella and placed my boots on my feet.  The same tools are necessary when preparing for an emotional downfall. Some strategies that I try to use include planning something during the day that I can look forward to – an email with a friend, or a treat at lunch, for example.  And of course, prayer.  Even if it’s just a small prayer to Jesus to help us get through the day.


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