Spiritual Supplements

Is your spiritual diet one that enriches and fortifies your life?  There is a subtle difference between these two terms and how they affect your diet – physically and spiritually.

Today, I received a nutritional email that explained the two terms and how they are different when it comes to actual food and beverage items. An item that has been enriched is one where the vitamins and minerals you need, which have been taken out of the food, have been put back in.  One that is fortified has additional vitamins and minerals added in that were not there in the first place. The same could be said of things we add into our spiritual life, too!

I began to question – are the things I am doing for my spirituality enriching or fortifying my life?  Am I doing the bare minimum so that I am in a constant state of losing and gaining the same grace and faith in a sort of endless circle?  Or am I doing things to fortify my faith so that I am always growing in my spirituality?

What do you think?  Do you have any ways you’d like to share of how you’ve fortified your spiritual life?


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