‘Free My Soul’

Right now I have the song “Drift Away” stuck in my head…especially the line about freeing your soul.  Have you ever noticed the feeling that music has on your soul?  One of my co-workers passed along an article that ran in America, the Jesuit magazine, that featured an article on how music – even rock music – could have a positive impact on your prayer life.

You may be asking yourself – rock music and prayer?!  Sure, they may seem like unlikely partners, but, as the author of the article notes, music helps people stay “in the moment.” He discussed the passion he felt about rock music and listened to a suggestion to “spend time praying within that excitement and trying to meet God there.”  The idea of using music as a tool to bring more passion into prayer life is one that I am really excited about trying.

The author discusses people’s emotional responses to music, and how music can trigger memories, that could then be brought to God in prayer.  A few songs immediately came to my mind…the joyful feeling I get when I listen to songs like the Allman Brother’s Blue Sky, or the feelings of gratitude that songs like Led Zeppelin’s Thank You bring about.  Even sad emotions, like those that are found in basically any Linkin Park song, could be used as a jumping off point for prayer.

Are there any songs that elicit strong emotions in you, that you will think about using as a tool in prayer?  Please share!!!


8 thoughts on “‘Free My Soul’”

  1. “Mercy Now” by Mary Gauthier. I heard this song one morning on the Fordham station and realized it could be used as a theme for a program I was working with the Sisters and Associates of Mercy – very powerful song. As a church musician I see the value in all genres – done well – and I have an Italian priest friend who plays electric guitar at liturgies!


  2. I’ve often found religious overtones in lots of music that I listen to, oftentimes, in music that others would even say are anti-religious. Metallica, a heavy metal, band is often labeled as being anti-religious. Listening to this music now, with a completely different mindset from when I was younger, I’ve learned that this music is about the songwriter’ struggle with his own religious believes, something that many others often struggle with, and which hopefully strengthens the beliefs for many.

    I recently came across this article on the CNN blog, which talks a pastor in canada that has begun playing music during his mass to help relate to younger parishioners:



  3. Never Alone – by Jim Brickman and Lady Antabellum. I would love to have my son’s confirmation class use this song during their mass.


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