Playtime vs. Prayer Time

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been searching for a hobby.  Perhaps I’m getting a little bored and restless with the same routine each day.  Or maybe with the additional amounts of sunlight available, my energy and motivation are going back up after what seems like a long winter’s hibernation. Whatever the case, I have been trying to think of something fun that I could do with my time.

I asked some of my friends if they could suggest any good hobbies to take up.  One of my colleagues suggested that I could do something called “prayer walking.”  I have to admit, at first, I laughed at the idea and didn’t seriously think about that option as a possible hobby. I thought to myself, “I’m not some sort of saint who goes around praying all the time!” However, this weekend I watched a screening of the movie Vito Bonafacci about a man who is struggling with his faith when the idea of adding more time for prayer creeped up again.  I knew that the two messages couldn’t be a mere coincidence.

In the movie, which releases in theaters May 6, Vito, the main character, is told by a priest, “Everything you do, remember the Lord in prayer.” The priest was trying to emphasize that the best way of spending time is in prayer. After watching, I began to consider again how I spend my time. I realized that, like the famous characters of Seinfeld, I spend a pretty good chunk of time doing nothing.  Even if I don’t take up prayer walking, I am definitely going to try to work more prayer into the day.


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