Soul Surfer

After watching the film Soul Surfer, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the story of Bethany Hamilton. From the moment I saw the trailer of the movie, I knew that it would be an emotional one – and it was.  Here was a girl who could have easily given up on her dreams, her faith, everything – and no one would blame her.

There were quite a few scenes in the movie where I felt myself getting teary-eyed.  If I weren’t there for work purposes, I probably would have let the emotions flow. I think almost everyone has had a moment in which they feel like their life will never be the same.  Seeing this story – of Bethany whose life changed so dramatically at such a young age – really tore at my heart.  One of the simple, yet heartbreaking moments of the movie is when Bethany tries to make lunch with her family, and struggles through a task so many of us take for granted – slicing a tomato. One of the themes of the movie is putting things into perspective – and this scene really made me rethink mine.

When I was waiting on the red carpet with the other media people and guests, I didn’t know what to expect from Bethany.  However, from the moment she stepped out, she wore a beaming smile, and looked absolutely stunning in her white gown. Her family walked our right beside her.

This was clearly a young woman who was not looking back.  She was in the moment, and it showed.  During a question and answer session, Bethany told the audience that the film did a good job portraying the “good and bad” experiences.

During an informal interview session after the movie, Bethany’s father said that when the family was approached to make the movie, he told Bethany that since it was her story, it would be her final decision. He said that after thinking and praying about the decision, she told him,  “If I can give people who have no hope, hope; or if I encourage people to push through issues in their lives and inspire them, it’s worth doing.”


One thought on “Soul Surfer”

  1. This is such an inspiring story!! Thank you for your great story telling us about this movie. I don’t think we would ever get such an honest review from any other source. I can’t wait to watch this movie myself!


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