Are You Talkin’ To Me?

I know that I have posted on this topic before. But there are certain things that are worth repeating.  When I found out the Gospel reading from yesterday, I nearly gasped out loud because I had the feeling that God was speaking directly to me.

The reading from yesterday was the one in which Jesus gives sight to the man who is born blind.  It resonated with me because this weekend, I had undergone a second eye exam because my eye doctor thought he saw something abnormal in the first one he did.  Thankfully, after the second test, the doctor’s fears (and mine) were abated.

Sight was definitely the topic of the weekend for me, as the theme came up quite a few times – in quotes from television shows and through the comments of friends. In particular, one of my friends told me while we were out playing pool (and while my sight was still blurry from the drops that were put in earlier in the day) that my skills in the game had improved.

It made me think of what God was trying to tell me.  Was he telling me that he would take care of me – no matter what the diagnosis was with the sight test?  Or was he telling me through the pool game that even though my aim might be off, I would still do okay?  Or was God showing me that he is here – and involved in every part of my life – big and small.  I may never quite figure it out, but it does remind me that God really is around — we just have to be open to him.


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