Always Be Prepared

I just heard through some of my relatives on Facebook that we are supposed to get more snow in New York this Friday! Since Friday is April 1, I thought that surely they were just fooling.  But the forecast is true.  We may get snow in spring.

So, although I’m ready to put my winter coat away, I am going to keep it out for just a little bit longer – just in case. It made me think of how easy it is to get lost in the moment – in this case, the beautiful sunny weather – and leave ourselves vulnerable to the unexpected elements. I think the same could be said for our mental and spiritual lives.

Earlier this week, for example, I took a day off to do some chores around the house that I have neglected for a while.  Things like washing the curtains and blinds, and finishing a huge pile of laundry.  I knew that the next few weekends would be jam packed with events, and wanted to get to those chores while I could before life became too hectic.

While I may be cognizant of the weather and a busy schedule, sometimes I feel unprepared spiritually to handle certain challenges that come up in life.  I know that this is one area that I need to work on.

What about you?  Do you have any suggestions for how to bolster your spiritual life up?



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