On a Scale of One to Ten…

I was reading the other day about how the Office for National Statistics in Britain will begin a survey in April to ask people to rate their well-being.  The survey is going to ask questions like “How satisfied are you with your life nowadays” and “How anxious did you feel yesterday?”  I am very interested to see the results, but even more interested to see the list of questions.

I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of surveys and questionnaires, whether they are serious, such as this one, or fun, like the ones you find in magazines and online.  This one is particularly appealing because it makes you think about how you are doing right now in life.  It’s not aimed at success, or how you are doing at work, but how you are doing in life. Even though the survey has nothing to do with faith or religion, when I read the few questions mentioned in the article, I tried to see how I would answer those questions from a faith-based perspective.

For example, when I read the question on anxiety, I wondered if I gave enough of my cares over to God, or if I held onto them too closely. Perhaps because it’s Lent, with the question on satisfaction, I immediately thought of how I am relating to others and began to ask myself if I were doing enough for my husband, my co-workers, and my friends and family.

Perhaps our neighbors across the pond are on to something.  What do you think of this initiative?


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