Praying Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!  The sun is shining here in New York, and there is still a great deal of excitement in the air from the festivities of yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Even though it’s a fasting Friday because of Lent, I can’t help but feel joyful.  Life is feeling particularly good right now, especially when you add to mix the fact that tomorrow is the feast of my all-time favorite prayer buddy, St. Joseph.

St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus is known for his quiet, yet powerful presence in the Bible.  There are no descriptions of things he said in any of the Gospel stories.  Because of that, when I pray, I like to think of him as a man of action who is always ready to listen.  So far, he has not let me down.  Throughout the years, I credit St. Joseph with helping my husband and I with our marriage and with our careers – both when things were good and, in a special way, when things were rough.  In fact, my husband received the call receiving the news that he was accepted to his current position on the second feast day of St. Joseph – May 1.

I know that it may not be fair to play favorites, but I can’t help but love this particular saint.  At work, I have a prayer card of St. Joseph hanging in my cube, and right by our television at home, my husband and I have a beautiful porcelain painted statue of him.  He’s like a family member for us – and one that we look to when we need help.

Tomorrow, I hope to find some special St. Joseph’s pastries (yes, he even has a pastry named after him!) to celebrate the day.  Have a good weekend, everyone!


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