Off to a Rough Start

In a funny twist of irony, my Lenten promise to try to be more grateful each day was challenged just hours after I had written about it on this blog site. After dinner last night, my husband went out to the car to pick up something he had left in the back seat. I had just sat down on the couch to watch some television and relax when he stormed in the front door and announced “our car is gone!”

Thankfully, it was not stolen – merely towed away from our parking spot in the lot of the building in what we hope was a misunderstanding.  But needless to say, those moments we spent trying to track down our car were not my most graceful – or grateful – moments. I should note here that this is the second time in just a few short months that our car has been towed, which only added to the already heated situation. As I felt my temper flare, I knew that my Lenten promise was off to a very bad start.

However, when I called my cousin to tell him of the situation, he immediately offered to drive my husband and I to get our car from the tow lot. He paid no attention to the late hour, or the fact that he had just gotten home from work, and that his wife and son were home with him.  We needed help, and he offered without us even having to ask.  I knew then that my Lenten promise was not lost, and that even in what even seemed to be a bad situation, there was a reason to be thankful.



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