Combining Technology and Tradition

When my editor dropped off on my desk a press release this morning regarding a “techno-monk” I just had to laugh.  Those words are just two that you rarely hear in the same sentence, let alone as a nickname. However, those are the words used to describe Christian musician John Michael Talbot.

Talbot, who was famous in the early 70s as a member of the band Mason Proffit, has not hidden the fact that he had quite a spiritual journey of his own that led him to become a Catholic. This week, through Feb. 18, Talbot will be recording his next Catholic music album, “Worship and Bow Down” and posting videos detailing the experience on his Facebook page,

In the release, Talbot says, “We are all in this journey together and this is another way to break down walls and build dialogue through a shared experience.” I’ve checked out the Facebook page and the videos, and it’s interesting to see how the recordings are made (especially since the “Techno-Monk” describes the different aspects that go into making an album in each video post). Talbot’s other postings – which include his own Gospel reflections – are also deeply relatable and thought-provoking.

Please check it out, and share what you think!


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