Confession and Your Phone

There is quite a buzz in the blogosphere regarding the iPhone, iPad and iTouch application: “Confession: A Roman Catholic app.”  It seems that people either love or hate this application.  Does the app minimize or take away from the sanctity of the sacrament?  Or is it a good tool to be used in preparation for the sacrament?

Personally, I think the iPhone app for confession is a great tool, and I am slightly envious of iPhone owners who can use it.  However, if I were the inventor of this app, I would have selected the name iConfess…

In all seriousness, though, I believe that this application – which assists users in an examination of conscience and provides a guide to the sacrament, can be a great tool for those who may be nervous about the sacrament or who have not been to confession in a while. In elementary school, I remember being given a list of things to consider before going to confession.  Likewise, as an adult, I have been to confession nights in which a priest reads a list for an examination of conscience before the confessionals were opened. Both helped put me in the right frame of mind to receive the sacrament.

It’s important to note that the app doesn’t take the place of confession – like some media stories would have you believe. A Vatican official, who said the app could be a useful tool, also said, “It’s essential to understand that the sacrament of penance requires a personal dialogue between the penitent and the confessor, and absolution by the confessor who is present.”

Let’s face it – the idea of confession can be a bit frightening or intimidating.  If this app can help people feel better about going, I’m all for it!  What do you think about this app?



One thought on “Confession and Your Phone”

  1. I think this is a great idea!. One of the things that keeps me from going to confession is that I don’t really know what I should be saying or doing and it’s just that much more intimidating when you don’t know the “right” way of approaching confession. I think this app will help to make the whole experience less frightening and encourage more people to take part of this sacrament.


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