Using God’s Gifts?

The other day I was reading an article about a basketball game between two Utah girls’ high school teams in which one team completely overpowered the other, winning with a score of 108 to 3.  The game received a fair amount of scrutiny on the web, with a few people questioning if the winning team should have backed down against their opponent or continue to play like they did.

The outcome of the game made me wonder – were the girls on the winning team merely using their God-given gifts to the best of their abilities?  Or should the girls have shown some mercy to the other team?  ABC 4 News of Salt Lake City quoted the coach as saying that he was giving the team “an opportunity to live up to the best of their abilities and be proud of what they’re able to accomplish.” Is there a fine line between humility and talent?

In this case, I think that the girls on the winning team did nothing wrong, and do not need to apologize.  It made me think of a Bible quote, “To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability” (Matthew 25:15). I’m sure the girls on the losing team have other talents, and I wouldn’t want them to hold back or hide those gifts, either.

That is just what I think.  The debate is an interesting one, and I’d love to hear what you have to say.  Please share your thoughts on this!



2 thoughts on “Using God’s Gifts?”

  1. I don’t think the winning team should apologize. I love your quote from Matthew. I think that in today’s world we ate getting asked more and more to supress the gifts we are givenbecause of others jealousy instead of being encouraged to find out what unique talent and/or gift God gave to each of us.


  2. I think the coach of the winning team was a bit of a jerk. His team was obviously overwhelmingly superior to the other team. He could used the game as a learning experience for his players, a chance to practice some technical aspects of the game, such as passing etc. He could have given his bench the majority of playing time. Instead he chose to humiliate the other team to give his own players “an opportunity to live up to the best of their abilities.” Please! You only do that by playing top-line competition. What about a little Christian charity!


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