Winter Soul

Although I do love the winter, I find that the long, cold and often dark days wreak havoc on my spiritual well being. I find January to be especially hard.  The holidays are over, the closest celebration on the horizon is Valentine’s Day, and Easter and its beckoning of spring seem to be miles off.

Needless to say, I find things that come easily in sunny weather to be hard-to-surmount challenges. Prayers of thanksgiving that seem to swell out of me in the springtime become frozen inside.  Spiritual readings that I devour in the summertime seem heavier and harder to understand.  That is why I was glad that last weekend, my editor gave to my husband and I two tickets to a Christian concert featuring John Angotti. One of the things that Angotti said could not have come at a better time.  I didn’t write down what his words were, but the gist of it was that music has a particular way of touching a person’s soul. I have to agree, there is something about music that can wake up a person’s feelings.

Whether you are into Christian or religious music, soul, country, pop or rock and roll, if you’re feeling a bit down this winter, I’d suggest turning on the radio or putting on your iPod to bring some life to these dark days.



One thought on “Winter Soul”

  1. Winter is my least favorite season because it’s so cold and depressing but I always love listening to the thousand songs on my ipod 🙂


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