Not Forgotten

Yesterday, after work my husband and I visited my mother.  January 10 was my father’s birthday.  Even though he passed away years ago, his memory is still very much alive in our hearts.  One of my cousins posted on my Facebook page something that really made me think about how much is left behind when someone dies.

My cousin wrote that it is a testament to the richness of someone’s life in how they are remembered by those who knew them.  Even though my father was not a rich man, he left behind a true legacy to his family—a love that can’t be forgotten.

While we were at my mother’s, we went through some boxes of my things that she was holding for us.  One was a box filled with old photographs and letters.  Among those things was the eulogy I gave for my father.  I think it was more than a coincidence that I came across it on his birthday.  It was just another reminder of his life – one that was well lived.

It warmed my heart on a cold winter’s night.  Please feel free to share memories of loved ones who may be gone, but never forgotten.


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