Jesus Knows

There have been quite a few instances in my life in which I find myself around people who I feel just don’t quite “get me” for one reason or another.  So this week, when I came across an article that described how people who are not in similar circumstances honestly have a hard time being empathetic, it really made sense to me.  It also reinforced for me the complete awesomeness of God.

Especially around Christmas (today is the Feast of the Epiphany so I feel another post about the holidays is acceptable), I find myself thinking about how Jesus was born to a poor family in the most meager of circumstances.  When I read the article about empathy, it was as if I were being struck by lightning with the revelation: “Jesus’ birth and upbringing allow him to empathize with all of us!”

Oftentimes when I pray, I focus my prayers towards Jesus. For me, it is easier to relate and speak to God in that form of the Trinity. Now, after reading the article, it makes it even more solid in my mind that he really does “get it.”



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