New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone!  Generally, I am not a fan of the New Year.  I’ve found that around New Year’s, there is so much pressure placed on people to change.  Change is not inherently bad, but it seems to me that around this time there is a tendency to equate the success of resolutions with happiness in life, and, likewise, failure with unhappiness.

You’ve sworn off all fast food yet find yourself secretly speeding through your local drive-thru the very next day?  Or you promised to pick up that novel that has been on your nightstand for months only to find your fingers gravitating toward the latest gossip magazine instead…?  It’s not the end of the world.  While God always hopes that we turn toward him, we sometimes have a hard time getting started, or need to start over a few times before we get it right. When we’re ready, he’s there waiting for us.

Even Jesus’ disciples weren’t perfect and failed what I would call “resolutions.” I’m thinking in particular of the story of Peter, who I think probably felt pretty resolute that he would not deny Jesus those three times and did.  He didn’t just give up on his faith after that, although I’m guessing he felt pretty discouraged and disappointed in his actions.  Instead, Jesus forgave him and he moved on as a better, stronger person.

So as we make our “resolutions,” let’s give it our best, and not get too discouraged if we need to begin again!


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