Christmas Edition of ‘Did You Know’

Yesterday, while I was talking with my sister, I remarked that there were only 12 days left until Christmas.  Of course, when I said it, I was thinking of the all too familiar Christmas song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  Seems reasonable, right?  Well, my sister informed me that in actuality, those famed 12 days are actually the days between Christmas and the Epiphany!

I had no idea!  But I was sure glad that my sister informed me of this before I went any further in the song.  The fact that I was clueless to this bit of important Christmas information impressed upon me how the true meanings of the traditions we hold as Catholics sometimes get muddled up in the commercialization of the holiday.  Everywhere you look nowadays, you see signs advertising “Only X amount of shopping days left.”  But Christmas does last until the Epiphany – the day the wise men came to the Holy Family to see Jesus.

In my family, we always kept up our Christmas decorations until the Epiphany.  Knowing that the days after Christmas are actually the 12 days is wonderful!  That means the celebrations and happiness are not nearly close to ending!

Are there any traditions of Christmas that have special meaning which you’d like to share?



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