The Story of the Possessed Printer

Our printer at work is possessed.  I mean that in a jesting sort of way of course, but the printer, for all intents and purposes is refusing to function as it should. It won’t print things that are waiting in its queue, and then all of a sudden print countless copies of one item.

It reminds me of a scene from the movie “Office Space” – the scene in with the nerdy office worker who can’t get the copy machine to work properly for him. If you aren’t familiar with the movie, there is also a scene in the movie where a few of the office guys get together and smash the copy machine into pieces.

Of course, in any given day there are bound to be small frustrations here and there.  These sorts of small annoyances actually make me smile more than anything. A few days from now, no one in the office will remember that the printer didn’t work.  But we may remember that today was a good day – one where we shared a chuckle or two as co-workers and friends about our faulty printer.

Sharing a laugh with co-workers builds a sense of teamwork and, at the same time, helps the day go by happily.

Share a laugh with your office mates today!



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