Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is so close that I can practically taste the turkey and warm apple pies that I will be sharing with my husband’s family tomorrow.  Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that has scored high with me.  Any day that includes sharing food and laughter with family and friends is a good day.

As soon as I wake up Thanksgiving morning, I like to sit down with a cup of freshly made coffee and watch the mega-sized floats and balloons of the Thanksgiving Day parade.  Even though the floats and marching bands are the main attraction of the parade, one of my favorite parts of the televised version is when the camera pans out onto the faces of families with their children.  You can just tell on those faces that they are thankful to be celebrating the day together – no matter how cold or rainy it is around them.  It’s a nice metaphor for life.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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