Check Out the New Catholic New York Online!

It’s funny how some things just come together.  This weekend, on 10-10-10, Catholic New York launched its new Web site.   I’m super excited about it, and invite everyone to check it out!

Besides launching on a unique and catchy date, the Web site arrived at a time when “Church news” has been buzzing with how new media can be used by Catholics.  Just today, Pope Benedict XVI released a letter about a Vatican initiative to promote “new evangelization” which includes the use of new media to spread the Word.

Working on the website the past few weeks of course added a bit of stress around the office, but also a great deal of excitement.  Being a fan of all things tech savvy, I am thrilled to see the site up and running.  Every once in a while our work life, just like our faith life, needs a boost, and this project has been just that. I hope that you, dear readers, can also get a boost from all that is offered on the site.

Check out our new site at!


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