The Catholic Guy

There is a Catholic radio program broadcast from Rockefeller Center in Manhattan with one of the catchiest names for the show, and the nickname for the star, that I’ve heard. The show, “The Catholic Guy,” stars radio personality Lino Rulli, a regular “Catholic guy” with a funny sense of humor. Today, I read a story that explains that Rulli is having a day named after him in Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

The mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis are proclaiming September 29th “Lino Rulli Day,” and present him with the key to the Cathedral of St. Paul. From Monday, Sept. 27 through Wednesday, Sept. 29, at 4 p.m. on The Catholic Channel, SIRIUS channel 159 and XM channel 117, Lino will broadcast live from his family home. It should be fun. If you have the capabilities, I’d recommend checking out his show. He really is a hilarious guy with a strong Catholic faith. Check out his website at or visit

I think this honor is something really amazing. I think Rulli is a lucky man who has been able to create such a successful career doing something it seems that he loves, all the while being true to his faith. Plus, how great would it be to have a day named after you?!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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