Mother Teresa, Lessons on Light and Dark

Driving through Connecticut with a friend the other week, we saw a sign for an exhibit about Mother Teresa.  Today would have marked her 100th birthday, and her name has been popping up in the news all around. My friend remarked that the exhibit looked interesting. I would like to see it, or at least learn more about Mother Teresa myself, but at the same time, I am a bit afraid.

It may seem odd that learning more about such a holy woman would frighten me. However, after hearing that an extraordinary person like Mother Teresa had a “dark night of the soul” or experienced times in her life where she could not feel God, it makes me wonder how an ordinary person like me could continue to be faithful in dark times as well.  In the latest issue of Catholic New York, my colleague writes in an article about Mother Teresa that her “dark night” is not to be confused with depression. (See her article here: ).  In the article, one of the nuns in the order founded by Mother Teresa praises her for her ability “to endure darkness for 50 years.”  I think that ability of Mother Teresa makes her very relatable.

I am hoping to pick up a copy of the book “Come Be My Light” about Mother Teresa to find out more about how she not only endured the darkness she felt, but persevered through it to act as a light for the rest of the world.


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