A Different Kind of Jersey Shore

If you think the only thing that has come out of the Jersey Shore are reality stars Snookie and The Situation, think again.  As I was cleaning up my desk this afternoon, I came across an article from the Catholic paper from Trenton, N.J.  The article highlighted a group of teenagers who produce a faith-based show with portions filmed on the boardwalk of…you guessed it, the Jersey shore.

The diocesan television program was partially filmed on Seaside Heights, the same location where the MTV reality show “The Jersey Shore” was filmed.  However, the only thing similar about the two shows is the location.  I must admit, it really makes me laugh to think that there could have been people walking on the boardwalk in Jersey, seeing cameras and thinking they were going to be on the reality show only to be asked questions about things like “Holy Choices” and “The Seven Deadly Sins.”

The Trenton show reminds me that there are always two points of view out in the world, and two ways of looking at everything. And while the rest of the world may view the boardwalk at the shore only through the impressions they receive from the reality television show, others could and did look at that same area as a place to showcase their beliefs.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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