A Second Family

This past weekend, the editor of Catholic New York, along with his wife, held a party for everyone who works at the paper.  Co-workers, wherever you may work, are like a second family in many ways – especially since we spend at least 40 hours a week together.  It was a nice break to spend time with the “second family” in a relaxed setting with the only worry being which food to sample next!

Sure, there are days at work where we may not all get along, but that is true for every family.  Returning back to the office this week, I realized how nice it was to get together on a beautiful summer’s day to share a meal and just talk with people without the stress of work getting in the way.

Sitting in the car ride on the way home, I began to think of how even Jesus got together with his disciples and followers over food.  The story of Jesus multiplying the fish and loaves of bread was one of the Bible stories to pop into my mind.  It really made me see how sharing meals with co-workers, family and friends is a lovely way to nourish our bodies and souls, and especially the important relationships we have in our lives.


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